Bow Ties are Cool

Bow ties are cool. Now I’m certainly not the first person to say it but whether its Dr. Who floundering in his attempt to convince his companions of this fact or everyone thinking it as they watch James Bond escape yet another trap designed to kill him doesn’t make it any less true. Bow ties are cool.

The bow tie originates in Croatia going back to at least the 17th century. Croatian bow tie 1Mercenaries wore short scarves to keeps their shirt collars up and together. This “scarf” was referred to as a Hvrat, which after being spoken of across language barriers became the cravat. The cravat of course, became a staple of French fashion and over time evolved, into bow ties and neck ties. Now while the neck tie is widely respected as a mainstay of formal wear it also became closely tied to office work and the modern office worker. The bow ties on the other hand is cool.

Bow ties come in a variety of styles: self-tied, bow tie 3pre-tied, and clip on.  They can be made of silk, polyester, cotton, velvet, or some sort of blend. They also come in a variety of shapes: diamond point, butterfly, big butterfly, bat wing, or club round. There is of course your traditional black tie. Your James bond type, a must have for wear with a dinner jacket; if you’re trying to look sharp, a sure bet. When you start to add colour though, that’s when bow ties get really interesting. A patterned, striped or just a solid coloured bow tie can really spice up formal wear. Step away from boring neck ties and start wearing bow ties.

In recent years the bow tie has seen a rise in popularity once again. Certainly in part due to the previously mentioned Dr. Who and the rise in the internet popularity of Bill Nye, Bow tie 2the Science Guy. While Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and brilliant Bill Nye can’t take sole credit, their popularity in internet culture can’t be ignored. The bow ties popularity has even led to National Bow Tie Day. So next time your dressing up and are about to reach for a neck tie remember, bow ties are cool.

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