A 60s Night Out

So you’re going out for the evening, a dinner party, a celebration, 60’s themed get together? Well would you look at that, I have just what you need.

60s coatThe 60’s had a lot of great contributions to fashion but I by far love the coats! Women’s coats from the 60’s are just gorgeous and the best part, functional. Many coats sacrifice actually being warm for style, look, and shape. The 60’s did it right with coats that looked great and kept you warm.

Now what about when you get to the event. No matter how great60s dress your coat is you can only wear it for so long indoors, so we need to look at dresses. 60’s dresses, we’re talking a lot of florals and prints but also some great simple mono colored. Personally I prefer a nice mix, a plain two tone with a pattern. They’re eye catching, but not too much, really just a great style for any occasion.

The 60’s sadly were not known for their pockets and as such a purse 60s purseor handbag is very likely a necessity. Now I like to go with something that’ll match both my dress and my coat. So Black is usually a safe bet as it tends to be with all things fashion. The neat thing about purses and clutches in the 60’s is they were experimenting with shapes and materials giving you the chance take something really unique.

Whatever you decide remember what matters most is you like the way you look.

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