In a Woman’s Boudoir

When I think boudoir I think comfort, sleepwear, lingerie, sexy; what I do not think is sulking. il_570xN.1664984848_anlnBut strangely that is the origin of the word. Now you might think of a boudoir as a style of furniture or a women’s dressing room, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but the original meaning of boudoir, was the name of a women’s sitting room for them to return to to sulk.

Hollywood has a long lasting affair with the boudoir. Even in the il_fullxfull.1665114334_7kn91930’s the boudoir while being associated with femininity and sex was still associated with sulking. Silent film star Clara Bow did a photo shoot in her private boudoir where one of the most stand out photos is her sitting on her bed pouting.

Nowadays the closest boudoir photography seems to get to sulking is blank stares but its definitely still about being comfortable and sexy in your own skin. And that, I think, is the connection. It’s uncomfortable to sulk where other people can see you. Boudoirs provided a place to feel comfortable in your own body and mood, and that’s still what boudoir is about. A boudoir is your place to be you. The best part though is it’s easier and easier to be you outside the boudoir.

il_570xN.1762734073_9htbHollywood’s love for boudoir fashion still continues today, whether it be Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. Boudoir fashion is out there and the line between fashion for the bedroom and fashion for public is getting fainter and fainter. So be comfortable, be you. Sulk if you want to.

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