That 70s Look

The 70s, when most people think of the 70s they think of bell bottoms, platform shoes, and disco. But that was just one element of fashion in the 70s. Not every party was a disco party. People still had dinner parties, events, and get togethers requiring a slightly more “traditional” look.

70s mock blackNow there are lot of different styles in the 70s but the style of dress that really catches my eye is sleeveless mock neck dresses. There something so simple and clean cut about them that I just can’t really explain. I think the most striking ones are solid coloured. The sharp line of the neck and shoulders really make them pop.

If you decide to go that direction it’ll also give you a great&0s jewlery (2) opportunity to accessorize with a scarf or a really great necklace. Wearing a single tone lets you break it up with something really special and unique. JewlsinBloom is great if you’re looking to get vintage jewelry for just this sort of look.

70s beadedBut maybe jewelry or scarves aren’t really your thing, if that’s the case accessorize with a purse or handbag. I lean towards something with some pop, beaded purses.

Of course if you decide you want to live that other 70s life and rock some sweet bell bottoms, platform shoes, and big sleeves you can do that too, wear what makes you feel good.

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