Is that 50’s look for you?

The 50s, like every decade had some wonderful styles and while you could dress in any decade, the next time you have a special event maybe the 50s is the new look for you.

5de3266b-b0ca-45d3-aa29-453ce74de83d-11654-00000305d0eb2f65Coats are so often overlooked as a fashion statement, more just a means to protect us from the weather or to keep warm, an these are both things a good coat should do. A coat can honestly be one of the most stunning pieces in your closet and unlike a lot of pieces can be worn far more often. Any time you go outside in fall, spring, or winter you could probably do with a coat. That’s a lot of time you can take a stunning piece out to wear, much more often then a cocktail dress. That said, I love a stand out dress.


When it comes to 50s dresses I think the stand out material is brocade. While its is a heavier material the patterns are absolutely stunning. Now they do have a tendency to have a lot of golds and silvers so if you prefer other colours they will be a little harder to find.


94c48a21-7404-4615-afe8-9faa142cc730-11654-000002fcb2e3bce6Brocade isn’t just for dresses, it’s also for purses. While I might not suggest a brocade dress with a brocade purse the right patterns could really come together.80098ccd-4725-492b-a8f9-6ade236f7f3a-11654-000002f79a48333d Personally I’d go with something single toned with a unique shape. The 50s gave us some very interesting shapes to work with.


While 50s coats, dresses, and purses are amazing I think the piece that stood out most in the 50s were hats.


There are so many styles that just make me smile. Pill boxes with or without veils, hats with fabulous shapes. Honestly I don’t really know where to begin, but best to consider the occasion. Not every outing or event really requires a hat leaving these hats to be put away to closet full of other coats and such might be stressful. Best to think about them for outdoor events where your most likely to keep wearing it, which  makes the most sense to show of that awesome 50s head wear.

So next time your going to dinner, a garden party, or maybe caroling in the snow think about the 50s.

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