Travel and Fashion: The Fashion and Textile Musem

I recently got to travel to London, England and while I was there I made sure to go see as many museums as possible. Of particular interest to me was, obviously, anything with vintage fashion. One absolute standout from the trip was the Fashion and Textile Museum. An incredibly charming museum that is above and beyond dedicated to the education of 2019-04-24 13.51.31its namesake. It doesn’t have any permanent exhibits so there is always something new to see and learn about as new shows come in.

When I was there the exhibit “Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution / Terence Conran – Mary Quant”  was on and it was wonderful.  The pieces were incredible and everything they did to bring the show together was great. I’ve never talked about it here but I have a particular love for what goes into making museum exhibits work. The way they manage to create a flow 2019-04-24-13.22.34.jpgand silently direct you through, the choices that go into how to separate sections, and using spaces creatively. It’s something that really doesn’t get enough recognition. The use of platforms and furniture to separate sections were executed perfectly, especially considering the size of the space.  There was plenty to see and take in without it ever feeling crowded.

But if museums aren’t really your thing that’s not all the Fashion and Textile Museum has for you. They also run a plethora of workshops and classes. While I didn’t have time to attend any myself if I’d been in London for more than a week or if I lived there, I know there are many I would be excited to take part in. Next time I visit I will make time.

If you’re in or headed to London, and care about fashion (vintage or otherwise), you owe it to yourself to check out this absolute gem.

All photos used in this blog entry were taken at the “Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution / Terence Conran – Mary Quant” exhibit at the Fashion and Textile Museum.


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